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Rochdale BID Rochdale BID Rochdale BID Rochdale BID Rochdale BID
At the end of last year Rochdale Town Centre Partnership formed a Steering Group made up of businesses from across Rochdale town centre, representing professional services, retail and leisure to commission a feasibility study into the possibility of developing a Business Improvement District (BID).

A BID is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area. Most are governed by a board made up of businesses who represent the BID area. This means that businesses would have a genuine voice and would decide and direct what they want for the city. BIDs are considered to be the leading model of management & development of town & city centres, with almost 300 currently operating across the United Kingdom and it is anticipated that over £1,000,000 over five years could be raised in Rochdale to promote & add to the vitality of the town, thus increasing footfall and vibrancy.
The BID development continues to make good progress with businesses from across the town being involved in workshops, seminars, one to one interviews and surveys to ensure that the BID has the right projects and objectives in it to support Rochdale businesses.

Lorenzo O' Reilly Chair of the Steering Group said: 'One of the key concerns from businesses was the perception of Rochdale. We need to work hard at changing that by ensuring the town centre is an attractive and welcoming place for those who live, work and visit. With the new exciting developments taking place a BID offers a great opportunity to come together as a collective voice with our own budget to support our businesses, improve safety standards and change the perceptions of the town centre.

We urge any business to contact us at any stage of this BID process to register your views, ask any questions or request a business visit.
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